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  • Bremerhaven
  • Bremerhaven
  • Bremerhaven
ID produktu
Nová (ve fólii)
samostatná hra
Min. počet hráčů
Max. počet hráčů
Hrací doba
120 min.
Min. doporučený věk
12 let
Robert Auerochs
Herní mechanismy
Auction/Bidding, Auction: Sealed Bid, Constrained Bidding, Pick-up and Deliver, Time Track, Worker Placement
Původní vyvolávací cena byla 800 Kč. Nyní je levnější o 217 Kč (27%).
583 KčCena

Popis vydavatele:

Bremerhaven is a clearly structured but complex economic game about the famous harbor town in the north of Germany. Each player builds his own unique harbor and tries to reach the highest combination of money and prestige by the end of the game.

Each round, players are trying to get the most influence on the action fields they want to use. Since you place your influence cards face down, you have to watch closely what the other players might want to do. (You can even place more than one card on one spot.) The options are varied: Get a new ship with new goods into your harbor, close a new contract, change the values of the four different goods, improve your influence card-hand, expand your harbor, buy a new building, or simply rise in the nautical ranks to get more money. But you have to be careful: Every ship and every contract will stay in your harbor only for a short while. (The transporters and trains are waiting!) If you fail to coordinate the incoming and outgoing goods, you might have to pay penalty for not fulfilling a contract!

Bremerhaven ends after a defined number of rounds, and the rules include both a short version and solo rules. Visually the game will be in the vein of Le Havre.

Stav: Nová v původní fólii, tato fólie je na některých místech již roztržena (ale krabice je bez poškození).

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