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Pendragon: The Book of Records I (Knights)

Pendragon: The Book of Records I (Knights)
  • Pendragon: The Book of Records I (Knights)
  • Pendragon: The Book of Records I (Knights)
  • Pendragon: The Book of Records I (Knights)
  • Pendragon: The Book of Records I (Knights)
  • Pendragon: The Book of Records I (Knights)
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Basic Role-Playing
Greg Stafford
RPG forum
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Vytištěné a kroužkovou vazbou svázané záznamy do hry King Arthur Pendragon (viz DriveThruRPG pro PDF verzi).

Z popisu vydavatele:

This first Book of Records features a two-page autofilling character record for a knight character in King Arthur Pendragon. This PDF record works for all Phases of the Pendragon Campaign, though a separate sheet suitable for Late Phase knights is included. Both record sheets are also offered in printer-friendly black-and-white versions. The PDF product automatically completes a variety of calculations based on your character choices, including all the options introduced in the Book of Knights & Ladies. The sheet tracks Fealty and Homage, the new Loyalty Passions introduced in the Book of the Estate, though that supplement is not required for play.

Additional features:

  • Choose from 13 different cultural backgrounds, from Aquitanian (Arian Christian) to Saxon (Germanic Pagan), though Cymric (British Christian) is the default selection.
  • Your cultural selection automatically indicates the Personality Traits associated with your knight’s Religious Bonus and autofills the starting values for all Personality Traits.
  • Armor Type, Horses, and a number of fields associated with your knight’s family, including Family Characteristic, feature pull-down menus of the all the available options. The campaign year that a specific horse becomes available is noted as well!
  • All of the Derived Statistics (e.g. Damage and Healing Rate) are automatically calculated and filled based on your Primary Statistics (e.g. Strength).
  • The Glory Total noted on the front page automatically updates based on Glory gains and losses you note on back page.
  • Most fields can be overwritten by the player to allow for house rules and character maintenance over time.

King Arthur Pendragon is a streamlined game system, but knights undergo constant change and growth. The record sheets included here allow your characters to remain current and dramatically simplifies the creation of new knights — PC’s and NPC’s alike! Future volumes of the Book of Records are planned, including auto-calculating records for Estates and Honours, Continental characters and Ladies.

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