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How to shop on Reroll?

"Dutch" board games second-hand store is an online second-hand store for modern board games. Features such as price tracking, comparison, product filtering and more will certainly help you buy the games you want at the price you like. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact us. We are glad to help and happy to improve our services!

The games you see in the store are usually available for immediate purchase in a single copy, just like in similar book stores. The inspiration for Reroll came from Knihobot and its use of the Dutch auction system. We reduce the price of each game after a certain period (at least after 14 days) until the game finds a new home.

Board games are not books

We have a few peculiarities compared to books. The main peculiarity is that we can fix board games. If we have two old games, one of which is missing a dice and the other a card, we can create one complete game from them indistinguishable from a regular second-hand game. You can't really do that with books :) In addition, you will also come across refurbished games with us. These games were saved by a larger intervention (e.g., they do not contain the original cubes, or we have reprinted the materials). However, we always make sure that they are fully playable.

The opposite can occur more often than with books: games that are not yet unpacked and are as new as from a store. The original owner did not have time for the game and passed it on for some reason.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you only a Czech store?
Technical and time limitations do not allow us to translate the whole store into English. However, we are happy to reply to any requests or clarify any information that would be unclear to you. So tell us please if we can help you!

Don't you offer too expensive games to be a second-hand store?
A large part of the money from the sold games goes to the original owners of the game. Therefore we try to set the prices so that also they are satisfied with the sale. We also consider various indicators (the state of the game, its rarity etc.). However, as a buyer, you have the option to set price tracking for the game you desire. As Reroll uses the Dutch auction system, games that are not sold get their prices reduced. So you can hope that the game gets to the acceptable price for you. The price tracking system will let you know when it drops below your set level.

Can you advise me on my choice?
Sure! Happy to do so. We play board games and enjoy them a lot. So, write us an e-mail, stop by on Discord or call if you would not be sure.

Do you also ship abroad?
So far, we have experience with sending via Packeta to Slovakia. We did not ship other countries yet. But if it bothers you, let us know. We want to improve!

Do you also have the game X?
If you can't find a given game in the store now, then we don't have it in stock. However no need for despair, you can fill out the inquiry form, and we will let you know if we find it.

What do the various game states mean?
We will always try to describe the state of the game as accurately as possible. Please take it into consideration when you buy the game. But for ease of reference, we use the following abbreviations, which, due to technical limitations of the current store, are only in Czech:

Nová (ve fólii) - the game is still wrapped in foil as from the store, the foil itself can be partially damaged (as well as from the store),
Jako nová - as new, the game was already opened, but it wasn't played. Maybe the components are still in the foil,
Hraná - played, the game shows some small signs of wear and tear, but it's okay overall,
Velmi ohraná - the game shows strong signs of wear, but it is playable,
Nekompletní - incomplete, something in the game is missing, and it could affect the gameplay,
Repasovaná - refurbished, the game is playable, but we had to replace some parts to make it so (e.g., placeholder tokens).

How do reservations work?
The people from Prague have it easy. They can pick up the games and do not have to pay for shipping. So we added the reservation system. You can book a game now. You pay the handling fee and the order itself. We will wait for your next order or until you tell us that you want the reservation shipped. This service is available only after registration.

Do you have a question that was not addressed here? Send us an e-mail or drop by on our Discord!

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