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How to sell a game

Do you have games that have bored you and are taking up space at home? Or did you not even get to them, but new ones have already arrived? At, we will help you find new owners and take care of their sale completely.

Let us know (e.g. via the form below) and send us a photo of the games you want to offer for sale. After approval, either send them to us by mail or we will come for them. And then just wait for the games to sell.

You will receive 60% of the amount for which the game is sold, excluding 49 CZK (but you will get at least 51% of the price; we have a more detailed example in the question below).


If you send us board games by mail or courier, then please be careful how you pack the games. Basic advice are:

  • Protect your games from moisture - Traffic can sometimes be very wild, so you'd better wrap your games in something to protect them from water.

  • Beware of the edges - wrap the boxes in the packaging so that they do not harm each other,

  • Stuff the content - a new game is modified to be transferable, an old game game has many free pieces. So it's best to stuff the game somehow.

Unfortunately, we can only sell games in the state as they arrive. So please make sure you pack them well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What games can I sell?
We sell all modern board games (e.g. from Settlers to Gloomhaven), but you'd better send us a photo or a list of names.

Why shouldn't I take care of the sale myself?
Take pictures, price correctly, watch the price, reach customers, store ... there is a lot of work around that. We will be happy to take over for you. However, for some our Dutch auction system may not be the best model. You can for example hope to earn more in a classic English auction. In this case, see, for example, Zatrolene hry.

How do you value games?
We set the price according to the state of the game as it arrives. We also use various indicators and continuously monitor prices in stores. However, we choose prices so that both sellers and buyers rejoice :)

Can't you just buy my games?
Commission sales lead to more profit for you. If we bought games in advance, we would not know for how much they sell for, so we would buy at lower prices. However, if you would rather sell us the games, please email us at or send the form below stating that you would like to sell them directly. We would make an offer for how much we can buy out your games.

How much is my reward?

For each game sold, you will receive 60% of the price without CZK 49, but at least 51% of the price.

100 Kč 51 Kč
200 Kč 102 Kč
500 Kč 255 Kč
1000 Kč 551 Kč
2000 Kč 1151 Kč

My game is not complete, can I offer it for sale at your place?
Yes! We will offer the game as incomplete and it is possible that someone will like it anyway. However, as soon as we have the opportunity, we will assemble or repair the game and offer it as a so-called refurbished game.
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